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Meet Barrie Farivar: Founder of Leaf

I am thrilled to introduce you to an incredible person I am blessed to have as an extended family member and to call my friend, Barrie Farivar! Barrie is an inspiration with her innovative idea to capture and store family memories forever. I have been using the Leaf app myself and I am in awe of all the details Barrie thought of. Without further ado... a MOM WHO ROCKS- BARRIE FARIVAR!!

Hi! My name is Barrie Farivar and I’m a first generation Russian Jew, mom of two girls (5 and 3 years old), Harvard MBA, and Founder of leaf – great to meet you!

I am excited to share leaf with this community because it has brought my family so much joy and I hope it can do the same for you. 

Leaf is a free app (iPhone, Android) and is the easiest way to record and share your family’s memories. It was intentionally designed to focus on audio because we believe audio is the most authentic and unobtrusive way to record a moment or story – it’s hard to be your true self when a phone or camera is pointed at you! You own all of your recordings and they are safely stored with cloud-based storage. 

Our family has had a lot of fun capturing moments big and small with our daughters such as the first day without diapers at school, silly songs they sing, and bedtime routines. We’ve also been able to record meaningful conversations with parents and grandparents about topics such as the Holocaust and their immigration to the US. Hearing a loved one’s voice even a few days after a recording is gratifying, but listening to it years down the road and being able to share with future generations is truly special. I genuinely hope to help you document moments that matter to you too. 

You can follow leaf on Instagram @sharewithleaf for product tips, user testimonials, and ideas of moments to record. Please also reach out any time with questions or feedback to


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