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Meet my phenomenal, multi-talented, kind-hearted friend Kat. We met through our kids when we changed schools back in 2017. Kat and her family went from first friends in our new school to forever friends very quickly. I call Kat a rock star Mom for so many reasons. From her artistic talents, volunteerism, active lifestyle and beautiful heart-she has added so much to my life with her support, guidance and friendship. Introducing: KAT HO!

My name is Kathy you can call me Kat! Grew up in an artistic/ musical mindset most my life. Born in the Virginia and studied violin for over 10 years and instead of going on pursuing my music degree I received my Art degree in Graphic Design in Los Angeles. Marriage, working in the corporate world, then raising 3 kids close in age, finally comes 2020 Quarantine. My constant craftiness compelled me to make masks as we couldn’t live without it. Feel appreciated to create something people feel safe and beautiful in during this crazy time of Covid 2020... now 2021! Through word of mouth and continuous orders I made my design handle, @craftwithmskat. I do make other designs too, purely just for fun when time permits. My personal account is @justkatchy and my dream is to pursue my passion in photography and eventually write a children’s book series.


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