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Meet my childhood friend Sara Gordon, an incredible mommy of three who found a need for some special services for families. Her kind heart and experience with families led her to help others. Cheers to inspiring Moms like Sara! Introducing : SARA GORDON!

Hi, and Thank you Stephanie for the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Sara Gordon. I am the founder and owner of Gordon Family Visitation Services. We provide professional services and support to families experiencing serious custody issues.

After earning a Bachelors of Science from Sonoma State University, I took time to travel, live in the mountains , and raise three beautiful children. My professional life has taken many different turns, but has always been rooted in non-profits that serve vulnerable and often underserved individuals.

Through my work, education and personal experience I have gained extensive knowledge and understanding of the family court system. I have seen first hand how serious issues such as domestic violence, high conflict custody battles, and addiction hurt families. My goal is to provide neutral third party support to families most in need. More information about supervised visitation or other services we provide please visit our website at Gordon Continue:

at you can also follow us on Instagram at for current information and local resources.

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