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About Stephanie Heisler

Stephanie Heisler is the young at heart, kindness advocate who created Cheers to Naptime. An idea for this blog came to Steph nine years ago when she became a Mommy after years of being an educator. As a full time preschool teacher, she noticed that her background in Child and Adolescent development wasn't enough for her to face the challenges of parenthood. She began reading tons of articles, blogs and talking with other parents on ways they dealt with any and all situations. Steph wanted to create a safe space for parents to come together, feel connected to others sharing their same experiences and find answers to assist them during their parenting adventures. A sort of "one stop shop" where parents can find articles, sites to follow, resources for their children and build a community of friends to connect with in person or online.

Steph says "cheers to naptime" as a salute to all the parents who are doing their best and can use a daily break to commend themselves for their daily victories big or small.

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