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Life is meant to be lived. Cherish the exciting moments, and relish in those all too brief moments of relaxation. I am here to live my own life, and live it passionately. serves as a place where everyone feels welcome and celebrated! Cheers to you and all that you are! Please sit back, relax, and read on.

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I am always happy to uplift great friends doing great things. Jeremy and I became friends back in college and he has always been a supportive, hardworking, awesome person! I wanted to feature him and his new catering company because... who doesn't love food?! Alter offers a unique kind of fusion that caught my attention! I am impressed by Jeremy's culinary creations and can't wait to plan our next party to enjoy his delicious dishes! Cheers to Jeremy making a difference in our community with his food bringing culture, flavors and people together. Introducing: JEREMY EVERAKES!

A dream that has been cooking for years. Traditional roots, modern expression. Alter is a culinary fusion of Jewish and Mexican inspired flavors. Our idea was born out of love and passion for sharing food.

Our founder, Jeremy Everakes is delighted to cook for you and your loved ones via boutique in-home dinner parties between 8-12 people. The private dinner experience is designed to share a meal with friends and family. This includes an exciting 5 course meal where Jeremy will share with you his vision behind his dishes and how they came to be.

Growing up in Los Angeles, having rolled his first matzo ball at the age of 5, his passion for cooking grew from there. Jeremy’s grandmother had many family members that settled in Mexico and shared with him all about their Jewish culture in Mexico city, including the food. From there his idea for a Jewish/ Mexican inspired culinary experience was created.

We wanted something with a rebellious attitude. While still providing a high-end sophisticated service that tells the story of our rich history. To us, Alter represents; family, new-traditions and legacy. Combining Jewish food traditions and Mexican flavors, Alter is the intersection of two cuisines, delivering you culinary excellence.

Hello Beautiful.....yes you! Oh and that's the name of the phenomenal Beauty Lounge my longtime friend Christina just opened! I am so excited for my first spa treatment there today-so check my Cheers To Naptime reels on Instagram for the full experience! Go visit Christina at Hello Beautiful today and come out feeling refreshed and even more beautiful than before!


Thank you Stephanie for this wonderful opportunity of introducing myself to the Cheers to Naptime community. My name is Christina Ledezma and I am a wife, mom of 3, and have been a licensed esthetician since 2012. This past year I fulfilled my lifelong dream of opening my own studio Hello Beautiful Beauty Lounge. To me true beauty comes from within and we are all beautiful in our own unique ways. At Hello Beautiful I will help you enhance your natural beauty helping you achieve healthy skin and gorgeous lashes in a warm and welcoming setting.

Growing up I always had a passion for skincare, beauty and health. For me this passion stems from my own struggles with acne. I know firsthand how skin problems can affect confidence which is why I want to help others be confident and comfortable in their natural skin. I love helping clients feel their best. As a dedicated skin care expert, I enjoy educating my clients about proper skin care, products, and customized regimens.

Hello Beautiful is located inside Salon Republic in Woodland Hills, CA. Various beauty services are offered at Hello Beautiful, including lash lifts, facials, brow lamination, and waxing. For more information on the beauty services offered please follow or send me a message on Instagram at @chrisldz.

As summer comes to a close, my boys and I had the awesome opportunity to join the

Mommy Blogger Tribe at an epic pool party! Not only did we get to spend the day swimming and making new friends, but this pool was unbelievable!! Looking to host a fun event but don't have a pool? Try Swimply. This app allows you to locate, book and enjoy a pool all for a reasonable price.

How it works?

1. Find your pool

Request a pool (or two), get approved, then simply confirm. You will only be charged for the pool you confirm with. Pools with the stopwatch icon can be booked instantly.

2. Chat with host

Communicate easily and coordinate flawlessly through Swimply chat, and enjoy data privacy and user protections.

3. Dive right in

Upon confirmation, you will have access to everything you need to know including address, access instructions, WiFi details, and more. Enjoy!

Use code TRIBE20 for 20% off.

To complete our pool party we enjoyed a delicious pizza lunch from Mountain Mikes, bubbly kombucha from Koe and veggie chips from Pulp.

My boys ate and swam for hours, not wanting to go home and definitely soaking up the last days of their summer vacation in a cool way.

The Mommy Blogger tribe was gracious to provide this opportunity and partnership for me with Swimply. I am so grateful and wanted to clarify that all of the above statements are my own, based on my personal experience at this event.

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