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10 Things Every Parent Should have in Their Car!

This list has double the amount of items because they're all so important- I couldn't narrow it down!

1. Wipes – Seriously…someone should try using baby wipes to remove graffiti one of these days because I swear it would probably take it right off! Baby wipes can clean up any kind of mess quickly so they are essential when you have a child.

2. Change of clothes for your child/children-no matter what age your child is, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra pair of clothes, socks and underwear in your car for them in case of any spill, accident, you name it-you’ll at least be covered.

3. Change of clothes for you- as a parent and preschool teacher I’ve gotten everything spilled, painted or thrown onto me…these extra clothes saved me. Poop explosions are no joke so be prepared on all levels.

4. Toys/Books-depending on your child’s age have at least a few things for them to play with while they’re in your car. These come in handy on longer trips, in traffic or you can just take these things into a restaurant with you to keep them entertained as well. I carry a full backpack of stuff for my boys at all times.

5. First-aid kit- I never had one and then my son scraped his knee pretty badly getting into my car one day …when there’s blood you’ll need something so this covers it all.

6. Snacks-crackers or granola bars that won’t go bad in extreme temperatures are good to have on hand always. Organic fruit snacks and fruit leathers also have a permanent home at the bottom of my purse in case of emergency.

7. Water-always make sure to have some sort of water bottle or sippy cup for you and your kiddos with you anywhere you go….you never know when they’ll be thirsty.

8. Diapers-keep a few extra in your “go bag” with the rest of these things listed. Keeping this bag in your trunk ensures that you’ll always at least have one diaper in case you’re ever out and run out of diapers or don’t bring your diaper bag. I’ve run out of diapers before …far from home and it wasn’t pretty.

9. Baby carrier and stroller- even if you’re using both of these things to take walks at home make sure to always put them back in your car. You’ll definitely always need one or the other when you’re out and about, especially with any child under the age of 1 or 2.

10. Blanket/towel-for park outings, warmth, you name it –having extra fabric to help clean or cover something is always essential with kids.

Hope this list was helpful to you…after three boys and almost 9 years of parenthood , I’m starting to finally feel like I’m getting the hang of this! Please let me know what you would add to this list so we can help other parents always feel prepared too!


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