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People Making a Difference: Jennifer Chavez

I genuinely love showcasing special people in my life here on my blog. When introducing my awesome friend Jen, this quote comes to mind :

" Kindred spirits are quiet supporters that can offer us moments of understanding, insight, and delight on the winding road of our life paths."- Aletheia Luna

As I began our Cheers to Naptime community, I was connected with friends from near, far, past, and present. That said, I reconnected with an old close friend of mine from my high school days. This friend would join me virtually for my nightly "Cheers" videos throughout the pandemic supporting my mission to spread positivity during an uncertain time. Little did I know that his wife was next to him enjoying the little doses of positivity I was trying to share with the universe. I didn't know her yet and I didn't realize that I was about to connect with a true kindred spirit. Jen reached out to me to tell me that she had been enjoying my content from afar and that we should connect. Since we met, we have truly been each other's biggest fans, encouraging the other to shoot for the stars and pivot as life throws continuous curve balls our way. I have been in awe of Jen's resilience, amazing work ethic, and compassionate heart. On her path as a health coach, I enlisted her expertise in finding healthier options to feed our family based on the things we eat regularly. Our "field trip" to the grocery store was so much fun and very informative. Catch a few videos of Jennifer and I chatting about our health journeys on my Instagram @cheerstonaptime as well as hers @jenniferstar78.

Without further ado, introducing a special human: JENNIFER CHAVEZ!!

Hi friends! My name is Jennifer and I’m a Wellness Warrior. I battled health issues for over half of my life and I ended up having my large intestine removed to save my life. After the extensive surgery, I was on a mission to find a lifestyle that fit my new needs. As a registered nurse, I thought I was equipped with all the appropriate knowledge, but I quickly found out that I had a lot to learn in the health and wellness world. With the support of the health coach program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, my eyes opened on all the new possible ways to live a life based on my specific bio-individual needs. Empowered with a new view on how to live life to the fullest, I’m spreading awareness to help others who struggle with ailments. As a health coach, I help clients not only look at the food on their plates, we work together to review overall health, your home environment, home cooking, your social life, your relationships, financial stress, physical activity, creativity, spirituality, your career, education and joy. Since health is multidimensional and you are your own special person, I tailor my program around YOUR needs. This is not a one size fits all type of program. If you are looking for help and don’t know where to start, I am your Wellness Warrior! After you complete my program, you become a Wellness Warrior too. Together, our Wellness Warrior Community can create a ripple effect to help bring awareness to others.


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