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Most of my friends have already heard me talk nonstop about my obsession with these diapers but seriously...whether you're a new parent or a veteran parent you need these amazing diapers. Since having my first baby almost nine years ago, I've used Pampers swaddlers for their flexible, comfortable fit for my littles. After changing diapers for almost two decades as a preschool teacher and parent these after trying these newer Pampers diapers I've decided that these diapers truly reign supreme! My last baby is a squirming, wiggling, standing force during diaper changes but with the Pampers 360 fit I'm able to change his diaper much easier and super fast no matter the craziness! I'm able to quickly tear off the dirty diaper from the sides and then slip on a clean one like a pull-up/underwear in a jiffy! No more complicated diaper changing maneuvers or meltdowns. Tips like this really helped me once I became a parent so I hope if you take my advice and try these diapers it helps make your life of diaper changing easier too:).


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