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Chilaquiles Casserole Recipe

This yummy vegetarian recipe was first given to me 11 years ago at my bridal shower by my childhood friend Kimmie! (Shoutout to Kimmie who just became a Mommy last month!) This recipe has been my go-to ever since for a hearty, yummy, quick thing to make that everyone will love. I drop it off for friends after babies are born because it's easy to heat up and enjoy afterwards for leftovers. Check out the same recipe I use from Eating Well recipes. Photo credit to Eating Well and their recipe was identical to the one I use-so I figured you can check out more easy recipes on their site if you need dinner ideas. Huge plus for this recipe my boys love helping me make it and gobble it up as fast as you can say chilaquiles casserole:). Click here for complete recipe and ENJOY!!


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