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Mom's Night!

Here's a quick list of fun ideas to connect and enjoy some much needed time for yourself.

1. Set aside an hour a day just for you.

I know this is the hardest one to do.....making the time, just for you. However, if you at least know each day you're dedicating just one short hour to yourself in some way the payoff is huge! You know the best time of day that you can get a little break. Make a note to yourself and hang it up somewhere that you'll see it all day to remind you of your plans. Take a bath or hot shower, put on a face mask ,watch your favorite show ,snuggle up with a good book ,meditate, anything that gives you a peaceful moment alone. If you can only get a few minutes take it, you deserve it, you need a reboot each day to be your best self for you and your family!

2. Feel like a kid again!

In a good way... not in a crying ,pooping kind of way. Go out and do a fun kid activity WITHOUT your kids! Bowling, Mini Golf, Trampoline Zone, Laser Tag, bike ride. If your kid loves doing it-chances are it will be fun for you, especially when you can enjoy without bolting in every direction after your little ones while doing it.

3. Find your tribe.

Seeing friends on a regular basis becomes increasingly difficult when you become a parent. That being said, if you connect with a small group of friends and create a monthly or weekly ritual it will do wonders for your psyche. Book club, Bunko groups, going on a hike ,playing a sport , or just having dinner together. I've learned an important lesson since becoming a Mom-IF YOU PLAN IT...THEY WILL COME! I will be hosting Mom's nights out and family events throughout the year and posting them on this site (once life is normal again).So... if you live in Southern California we'd love to meet and connect with you, and if you're somewhere else in the world try to create your own tribe to enjoy time with. (The Pandemic has shifted these plans slightly, but stay tuned and adjust accordingly-host virtual happy hours, socially distanced Mom days, etc.-DO IT FOR YOURSELF-now more than ever!)


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