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Swimply the Best!

As summer comes to a close, my boys and I had the awesome opportunity to join the

Mommy Blogger Tribe at an epic pool party! Not only did we get to spend the day swimming and making new friends, but this pool was unbelievable!! Looking to host a fun event but don't have a pool? Try Swimply. This app allows you to locate, book and enjoy a pool all for a reasonable price.

How it works?

1. Find your pool

Request a pool (or two), get approved, then simply confirm. You will only be charged for the pool you confirm with. Pools with the stopwatch icon can be booked instantly.

2. Chat with host

Communicate easily and coordinate flawlessly through Swimply chat, and enjoy data privacy and user protections.

3. Dive right in

Upon confirmation, you will have access to everything you need to know including address, access instructions, WiFi details, and more. Enjoy!

Use code TRIBE20 for 20% off.

To complete our pool party we enjoyed a delicious pizza lunch from Mountain Mikes, bubbly kombucha from Koe and veggie chips from Pulp.

My boys ate and swam for hours, not wanting to go home and definitely soaking up the last days of their summer vacation in a cool way.

The Mommy Blogger tribe was gracious to provide this opportunity and partnership for me with Swimply. I am so grateful and wanted to clarify that all of the above statements are my own, based on my personal experience at this event.


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