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Life is meant to be lived. Cherish the exciting moments, and relish in those all too brief moments of relaxation. I am here to live my own life, and live it passionately. serves as a place where everyone feels welcome and celebrated! Cheers to you and all that you are! Please sit back, relax, and read on.

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I'm so excited and honored to introduce you to my friend Georgia! Georgia is inspiring others through her work as a therapist, Mom, and parent workshop leader. Besides her kind heart, she really shows up for parents by valuing their feelings through these challenging times. We're going live on my

CheerstoNaptime Instagram to chat more about her upcoming events for parents. Please join us live this Wednesday, February 16th at 7 pm to hear more about her parent workshop on February 17th! Follow her @the_behavior_boss on Instagram and check out her website!

Introducing Georgia Scheible!!

I’m Georgia, a mom to 3 little girls, child therapist, parent coach and behavior boss! I want nothing more than to be able to share my passion of parenting with positivity! I’ve been in private private practice for years where I work strictly with children. Now it’s time for me to help parents learn how to rule less and teach more. Follow me on Instagram and come visit my website where you can read my blogs and learn about new courses coming soon! Can’t wait to meet you!!

It is with great pride and pleasure that I introduce you to one of my lifelong friends, Marcy Newman. Marcy and I met in preschool and have been the closest of friends for the past three decades. She inspires me daily with her ability to lift others up with her positive vibes, can-do attitude, and all-around amazingness. She has found her calling mentoring college students but can help anyone in search of a new job, career change, or resume boost. You name something you need help with in the job search market - Marcy has you covered. She is a guide and cheerleader along your journey to success. I feel grateful to have Marcy as my support on this adventure through life and I urge you to check out her website or refer her to someone you know who might benefit from her guidance services. To find out more please check out her website

Intoducing: MARCY NEWMAN!

Marcy Newman, M.Ed. is a higher education professional with over ten years of experience guiding students, alumni, and professionals in their career and professional development. She currently serves as a director of a university career center in Los Angeles. In 2008, Marcy Newman Coaching was launched in an effort to support individuals navigate their next career moves and transitions. Marcy provides one-on-one coaching for resume and cover letter writing, interviewing techniques, job and internship search strategy, and career exploration through assessments such as the CliftonStrengths. She is also a speaker and trainer for teams, groups and communities on a variety of career topics and trends. Marcy is a Gallup™ Certified Strengths Coach and received her Master of Education from the University of Southern California.

I am always happy to uplift great friends doing great things. Jeremy and I became friends back in college and he has always been a supportive, hardworking, awesome person! I wanted to feature him and his new catering company because... who doesn't love food?! Alter offers a unique kind of fusion that caught my attention! I am impressed by Jeremy's culinary creations and can't wait to plan our next party to enjoy his delicious dishes! Cheers to Jeremy making a difference in our community with his food bringing culture, flavors and people together. Introducing: JEREMY EVERAKES!

A dream that has been cooking for years. Traditional roots, modern expression. Alter is a culinary fusion of Jewish and Mexican inspired flavors. Our idea was born out of love and passion for sharing food.

Our founder, Jeremy Everakes is delighted to cook for you and your loved ones via boutique in-home dinner parties between 8-12 people. The private dinner experience is designed to share a meal with friends and family. This includes an exciting 5 course meal where Jeremy will share with you his vision behind his dishes and how they came to be.

Growing up in Los Angeles, having rolled his first matzo ball at the age of 5, his passion for cooking grew from there. Jeremy’s grandmother had many family members that settled in Mexico and shared with him all about their Jewish culture in Mexico city, including the food. From there his idea for a Jewish/ Mexican inspired culinary experience was created.

We wanted something with a rebellious attitude. While still providing a high-end sophisticated service that tells the story of our rich history. To us, Alter represents; family, new-traditions and legacy. Combining Jewish food traditions and Mexican flavors, Alter is the intersection of two cuisines, delivering you culinary excellence.

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