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This week I'm featuring an incredible, inspiring friend of mine whom I lovingly call my soul sister. Twenty years ago we met through sorority life in college and stayed in contact through social media over the years. I reached out to her two years ago when I noticed that she had a spiritual coaching business, I was intrigued and needed guidance. She has changed my life as she invited me into a meditation group, to a Goddess circle and connected me with other wonderful women who have lifted me up spiritually and emotionally. She is a healer and beautiful person inside and out,


Tina Ghahramani-Singh L.Ac. is a board certified and nationally licensed acupuncturist, fertility expert, herbalist and certified women’s empowerment coach.

Having counseled hundreds of couples conceive successfully over the past seven years, Tina has a compassionate yet effective approach in empowering each couple through their fertility journey.

Her vast experience in women’s health has made her an expert in treating natural fertility, IVF, IUI, recurrent miscarriage loss, labor preparation and progression, postpartum care, depression, anxiety, hormone balance and stress management.

Tina is co-owner of Healing Light Family Acupuncture with her husband Mukunda Singh. Together they have created a successful family acupuncture practice in the Orange County community.

In 2018, she launched her online 1-1 coaching mentorship for women called Sacred Spirit Rising. Tina has a great passion for coaching and allowing her clients to gently process emotional layers of the mind and body so that profound healing CAN begin.

Recently, Tina’s gifts of intuition have led to a massive expansion in her personal healing practice. These include areas of spiritual development, energy healing, guided meditation & intuitive prayer. Presently, she teaches these powerful tools in all her coaching sessions and to her acupuncture clients so that they can step into their soul life purpose.

**Please follow Tina @tina_ghahramani_coaching and check out her site **


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